Series 45 Emergency Stop Switches – Safe, intuitive and robust.

Series 45 emergency stop switches offer reliable protection for both man and machine …

Olten, Switzerland, November 2016 – EAO, the expert partner for innovative, intuitive and reliable Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), offers a vast range of high-specification functions for machine operation with the Series 45 products.

Series 45 emergency stop switches with positive opening action (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13850 and EN 60204-1) are primarily used for end user’s operational safety. They also help to protect machinery, equipment and control systems from damage in the event of malfunctions – a factory conveyor belt, for instance.


  • Reliable switching
  • Optional illumination 
  • Robust, lasting construction
  • IP69K protection 
  • Key, twist or pull to release options
  • Different actuator shapes and sizes

These emergency stop switches are designed to be ‘foolproof’ and perform reliably over a wide range of switched currents. In addition, the actuators are resistant to impact, vibration and shock and can be optionally illuminated. They enjoy an extremely long service life of up to 300 000 switching cycles and are internationally approved. Additional choices exist with plastic or metal actuators, actuator shapes and sizes (30 mm, 40 mm, or 60 mm), and with key, ‘twist to release’, or ‘pull to release’ actions.HMI components from EAO can be employed for specific purposes and have proven their worth in terms of design, reliability and longevity in a wide variety of industrial sectors.

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