Dec 08. 2016

New Series 14 Indicator compact – High-intensity illuminated and robust.

Ideal for safe status indications, such as of production robots – thanks to excellent visibility.

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Dec 01. 2016

Modern, tactile and long-lasting – EAO Series 04 illuminated selector switches.

Series 04 illuminated selector switches enhance operating safety in the driver‘s cab and on the control panel.

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Nov 15. 2016

Series 45 Emergency Stop Switches – Safe, intuitive and robust.

Series 45 emergency stop switches offer reliable protection for both man and machine …

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Oct 04. 2016

EAO Series 45 Toggle Switches - Intuitive. Robust and universal.

The new Series 45 toggle switches further extend this all-inclusive product series by …

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Sep 15. 2016

EAO Series 09 Joysticks.

Powerful. Robust and individual.

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Jul 24. 2016

EAO Series 70 – Flexible. Tactile and reliable.

The Series 70 short travel pushbuttons have been developed especially for use in customer-specific membrane applications.

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Jul 14. 2016

EAO extends Series 45: Double pushbuttons, toggle switches and accessories.

EAO extends the Series 45 range with versatile, double pushbuttons, intuitive toggle switches and additional accessories.

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Jun 21. 2016

EAO Series 45 indicators. Reliable and robust.

Series 45 indicators are particularly intuitive and reliable status indicators …

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May 03. 2016

EAO Series 45 toggle sticks. Aesthetic. Tactile and robust.

The toggle sticks from Series 45 are attractively designed and provide smooth tactile feedback that makes them ideal for...

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Apr 07. 2016

EAO Series 45 keylock switch - Safe. Robust and reliable.

The Series 45 keylock switches are robustly constructed, provide up to IP69K protection and front protection against oil and dirt.

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