Main Operator Panel

Reliable. No matter how complex.

Central inspection, control and monitoring functions must be reliable, intuitive and safe.

  • The precision, speed and reliability of machinery are key factors when it comes to efficient processes.
  • Being able to operate machinery reliably is an important prerequisite for safe performance.
  • The main operator panel of any machine is where all its different functions come together.
  • Here, it is vital to adjust the control system as closely as possible to people’s work processes in respect of all operating, control and monitoring functions.

Series 45 once again sets new standards in terms of design, robustness, functionality, reliability and safety.

Operator Device

Safety. No matter what the conditions.

Operator devices in sophisticated industrial environments have to be intuitive above all else.

  • Decentralised operator devices are frequently located in the immediate process environment. Often, at some distance from the main operator panel.
  • Despite growing complexity, modern industrial design is geared towards safety, functionality and user-friendliness.
  • No matter how simple and compact the function may be, it still has to withstand the effects of heat, cold, humidity, dust, vibration, shock and chemicals.
  • The reliable monitoring and control of work processes and the ability to intervene at once in case of emergency are fundamental prerequisites which must be met with electromechanical control devices that provide appropriate tactile feedback.

The new Series 45 offers the ability to integrate machine interfaces easily and reliably into communications platforms located at a distance from the central control system.

Handheld Control Units

Flexibility. Control from every angle.

Handheld control units have to work everywhere, every time.

  • Very small dimensions, light weight and low energy consumption are just some of the many different demands placed on handheld control units.
  • In addition, mobile actuators and indicators must also meet the highest requirements in respect of design and mechanical resistance.
  • EAO offers a wide range of innovative, intuitive and reliable products and services for handheld control units.