Custom made

In close collaboration with car manufacturers and systems suppliers, we develop customer-specific switches as well as mechanical and electrical control and indicator units for use in cockpits, doors and seats among other places.

EAO's customer-specific solutions for vehicle interiors include:

  • Seat belt monitoring systems
  • Electronic parking brakes
  • Central locking systems
  • Mirror adjustment systems
  • Modular switching functions in cockpits and center consoles
  • Headlight activation systems
  • And other applications




Due to the ever-increasing volumes of traffic around the world and the concomitant demand for greater safety standards, modern cars have become more complex than ever. It is our responsibility to make their operation easier and safer despite this complexity. Thanks to our diligent, painstaking product development combined with high-quality production and testing technology, we ensure the highest and most robust quality. With millions of switches delivered each year, we recognize the importance of the responsibility we bear for people's safety.

For the next generation

Our research and development activities are already intensely focused on the applications that will become commonplace in the next generation of vehicles, and beyond. Alternative and intuitive control principles, translated into products with the highest-quality acoustics, haptics and precision, will shape the cars of the future.  Thanks to our close relationships with a great variety of customers together with our long-standing experience in various fields of HMI technology, EAO has the expertise to be one of the leading development partners to the automotive industry.

EAO Automotive is certified in accordance with ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2004.