EAO Series 14

 Attractive, compact and reliable.

Olten, Switzerland, February 2016 – EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), offers compact and reliable actuators and indicators in the form of the Series 14, available in 22.5 mm or 30.5 mm versions for mounting in accordance with industrial standards – for example in mechanical engineering, panel building or process automation.

The attractive Series 14 indicators, pushbuttons, illuminated pushbuttons, mushroom-head pushbuttons, keylock switches, selector switches and buzzers offer an impressively timeless design, a robust IP67 protection, an excellent tactile feedback and a reliable switching – even in low-level switching applications.

Impressive benefits

  • Attractive 22.5 mm or flush 30.5 mm design
  • Up to 4 NO and 4 NC contacts
  • Low back panel depth 
  • High IP67 protection
  • Low-level switching possible 

Combined with a compact construction, a service life of up to 2 million cycles of operation, high-grade materials and consistent illumination, these actuators and indicators are ideal for sophisticated applications. 

EAO offers a variety of innovative, intuitive and reliable products and services for the machinery industry.