EAO lenses, text plates and film inserts can be individually marked with text or symbols as required. Different marking technologies are used for this depending on the customers’ application.

Customers can choose between engraved, printed or laser markings on lenses, text plates or film inserts. The labelling satisfies international industry standards.

Assembled products / Kits

On demand, EAO offers fully assembled products and kits of parts. These assembled product and kits are assigned a unique part number, which simplifies the ordering process and eliminates the need to store individual components.

Customized packaging and labelling to show the customer’s part number is also available.


As a pioneer of the illuminated pushbutton, EAO knows how important visual feedback is for the safe operation of machinery and equipment. Clear, unambiguous feedback is achieved through lens illumination in various forms and colors, combined with symbols, markings and lighting effects.

Glare-free feedback is critical – particularly when light conditions change drastically, for example when a vehicle is entering a tunnel or working in outside conditions.


EAO facilitates easier product customization through software. The multi-tone sound modules (MTSMs), for example, feature customizable tone frequencies, tone sequences and volumes. 

It is possible to add lighting effects to many EAO actuators and indicators when connected to appropriate electronics.

Cables and connections

EAO can supply products pre-fitted with various types of cables and connectors. 

Customers can choose the cable type, cable length, connector type and pin-outs. EAO offers a comprehensive range of cables and connectors as well as connector mating-halves.

Modification of mechanical properties

EAO can adapt the mechanical characteristics of individual components and systems to the latest requirements or specifications upon request – always in compliance with the relevant standards.

As well as making changes to mechanical properties, modifications can also include changes to materials and colors, and can also encompass a redesign of front bezels and lenses.

Modification of electronics

EAO can adapt the electronics of individual components to specific requirements or specifications upon customer request – always in compliance with the relevant standards.

Modifications can involve voltage ranges, protective circuits, circuit diagrams or customer-specific switching functions.