EAO Improves Passenger Experience for Japanese Railcars

with Series 04 Pushbutton for High Use Environment

SHELTON, Conn., November 2018 – As a part of its consultative-engineering approach, EAO, the expert partner for innovative, intuitive and reliable Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), helped improve passenger experience by providing a customized Series 04 illumination pushbutton to provide an easy, intuitive control and reliability for passengers in the newly redesigned railcars for Sotetsu Holdings, Inc.

To celebrate the 100-year anniversary, Sotetsu Holdings remodelled its railcars. As a part of this new design initiative and to accommodate the rigorous demands of public use, Sotetsu installed passenger-operated windows in the new Yokohama Navy Blue 9000 series of railcars.

The challenge was to ensure that the new windows would be reliable and safe in a high-use situation. This specific critical user interface required proven components that will maintain dependability for typically long-life cycles of railcar operability and harsh public use. Additionally, customer requirements included an attractive design, custom-illumination, user-friendliness and highly reliable components.

Sotetsu selected EAO for its ability to supply high-quality design to meet the rigorous demands and performance reliability requirements with EAO’s leading interface components and systems. The Series 04 pushbutton was selected for the project because it met the specific requirements of the customer. 

The end result was EAO added significant value by installing a HMI solution that was aesthetically pleasing and capable of withstanding high passenger use, providing a passenger-operated control that was reliable and unique illuminated for easy recognition in both day and night use, reinforcing value as an HMI expert partner for its ability to understand the customer vision to develop an effective solution and providing marking and assembly of the panel.

For more information on Sotetsu and the EAO solution, please visit: https://eao.com/fileadmin/documents/PDFs/en/10_case-studies/EAO_CS_Sotetsu_EN.pdf