EAO Series 70 – Flexible. Tactile and reliable.

The Series 70 short travel pushbuttons have been developed especially for use in customer-specific membrane applications.

Olten, Switzerland, July 2016 – EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), offers its flexible and proven Series 70 product range of tactile, short travel pushbuttons and indicators. When the flexibility of durable polyester membranes is combined with EAO’s Series 70 industry standard PCB footprint, a wide range of application possibilities emerge. 

Typical applications

  • Machinery
  • Public transportation
  • Heavy duty and special vehicles
  • Marine
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical technology
  • Energy supply
  • Automation
  • Building infrastructure
  • Food and beverage industry

Customers can benefit from EAO’s extensive background with HMI Component and HMI System competence. Our experts design and provide guidance towards an effective solution from a wide range of Series 70 possibilities. Flexibility with indicator and illuminated pushbutton options, a high degree of IP67 protection, and a service life of up to 1 million switching cycles allow for quick and easy implementation that can satisfy an extensive array of application opportunities. 

These square or round devices are available in a variety of colour choices. Low level switching capability, along with an operational temperature range of -25 °C to +70 °C, provide seamless application adaptation often needed within harsh and unforgiving industrial environments. As expected from membrane applications, illumination of Series 70 pushbuttons and indicators is evenly diffused which ultimately results in a smooth, homogeneous appearance. Positive tactile and audible feedback further increase end user benefits and is created from integrated snap action switch elements and two independent contacts. These key features all provide intuitive interaction and efficient use as required with membrane type interfaces.


  • Long-standing HMI System competence
  • Homogeneous illumination
  • Excellent tactile feedback
  • Almost limitless design possibilities
  • Easy-to-clean, UV-resistant films

EAO offers a variety of innovative, intuitive and reliable products and services for customised HMI Systems.