EAO’s Series 45 pushbuttons combine rugged construction with an attractive design – whether flush or raised mounted.

Illuminated pushbuttons.

EAO is the leading pioneer in the field of illuminated pushbuttons. Its universal modular actuators and indicators have been in use all over the world since 1947 – under the toughest conditions.


Indicators from Series 45 are used throughout the world wherever reliable visual feedback is crucial.

Keylock switches.

Keylock switches from Series 45 are used throughout the world in order to prevent erroneous or unauthorised operation.

ID keylock switches of Series 45 from EAO

Series 45 ID keylock switches are ideal for implementing electronic access control systems in industrial environments.

Selector switches.

Selector switches from Series 45 can be equipped with up to four switch positions, up to eight contacts and with various combinations of momentary and maintained action functions.

Emergency stop switches.

Emergency stop switches from Series 45 with forced opening contacts (in compliance with DIN EN ISO 13850 and EN 60204-1) are used primarily to ensure people’s safety.

Stop switches.

Stop switches from Series 45 – also available with illumination - are used primarily as on-off switches for safe switching in mechanical engineering applications.

Mushroom-head pushbuttons.

Mushroom-head pushbuttons from Series 45 are used as on-off switches in harsh environments throughout the world. Their large, distinctive operating elements enable them to be used reliably even with gloves.

Double pushbuttons

The double pushbuttons are a cost-effective and space-saving solution that provides two separate pushbuttons in a single actuator body.

Toggle sticks.

Toggle sticks from Series 45 are robust and versatile. They are available with up to four clearly visible switch positions and various combinations of momentary and maintained action functions.

Toggle switches

These two-position toggle switches offer excellent tactile feedback, and are available with momentary or maintained action and with plastic or metal bodies and bezels. The toggle switches offer long service life and ease of use.

The Series 45 buzzers impress both with their outstanding acoustic features and compact design.

Thanks to its extra-large operating area, the clearly visible palm switch is ideal for use in harsh environments.


Mechanically rotating the potentiometers from Series 45 allows the resistance of machinery to be steplessly adjusted.

Our Value Added Service extends EAO’s range of standard products with the option of modifying components to meet specific customer requirements.

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