Specialty vehicles regularly need to be modernized and individually adapted. For this reason, EAO develops solutions that are extremely flexible. The front design and configuration of EAO membrane keyboards can be easily changed without affecting the printed circuit board. This increases the longevity and potential areas of application of the control elements. Manufacturers can quickly and cost-effectively adapt the control elements in line with their customers' wishes.

To achieve truly intuitive control, vehicles often need custom designed HMIs that incorporate switch components, joysticks and information displays.

External interface systems

External operating systems must withstand the conditions of their specific operating environment and be designed accordingly. Emergency vehicles may encounter extremely polluted environments – e.g. fire, smoke and chemical spillage. HMI control panels must work reliably even under these conditions.

Laser engraving technology

The latest laser engraving technology allows us to provide complex markings and special lettering. This technology provides greater legibility: the characters and symbols are crisp and sharp, even when reproduced in the smallest sizes.

Added value

Our products and solutions utilise technologies such as membrane keyboards, LEDs and numerous other compatible system components.
Our consulting and planning services also allow us to develop individual or serial solutions that range from the simple to the highly complex, thereby providing our customers with vital added value in the form of customized design and functionality.
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