Reliable, High performance cooling

The San Ace range offers a comprehensive choice of reliable dual ball-bearing fans for equipment cooling.

Whatever your requirements  -high airflow, high static pressure, long life, energy efficiency or environmental sealing - there is a Sanyo Denki product to meet your specification.

The San Ace fan range includes:

  • Axial, counter rotating  axial, centrifugal and blower type fans.
  • Frame sizes from 38mm up to 200mm
  • High airflow and high static pressure fans: 9HV, 9GV
  • Waterproof sealing to IP68
  • 40,000 hours at 60 deg as standard, or 180,000 hour long life versions
  • Low power high efficiency DC fans : 9GA
  • Electrically commutated (EC) low power AC fans : 9AD
Sanyo Denki - SanAce