EAO Series 51 Stop Switch

Ideal for Space Sensitive Applications

SHELTON, Conn., March 2017 - EAO, a premier global supplier of Human Machine Interface (HMI) Systems and Components, offers its Series 51 Stop Switch featuring an unbelievably low back-of-panel depth of just 18.8mm.  Their design makes these internationally approved stop switches ideal for space sensitive applications often found within:

  • Medical diagnostic equipment 
  • Handheld pendants and devices 
  • Machine and process control 
  • Instrumentation 
  • Disabled lifts 

These compact units utilize an industry standard 16mm mounting hole and offer user benefits that include a visible actuation status ring.  This ring further enhances ease-of-operation by providing quick indication of their actuated state at all times.  

Sealed to IP65 standards, Series 51 Stop Switches provide oil and water tight capabilities and utilize EAO’s proven low level and snap-action contact technology.  “Monoblock” construction further increases their reliability by adding an additional layer of protection – if the switch becomes separated from its contact block, the contacts open.  Meeting international standards such as UL, CSA, CE, EN 61058-1, and RoHS environmental requirements, make these switches widely accepted throughout numerous non-hazardous yet rigorous and dependable applications.  Switch elements are available in both snap action and low level variants to accommodate a wide range of current necessities.

Many of the world’s leading manufacturers work with EAO as their partner for the integration of HMI Systems and Components with their mission-critical applications. Visit www.eao.com for more information on the Series 51 Stop Switch. For information on EAO’s HMI Systems expertise, visit http://eao.com/north-america/en_us/products-and-solutions/hmi-systems/.