EAO Series 84

Innovative illumination options for intuitive operation – attractive, versatile and reliable.

Olten, Switzerland, November 2015 – Series 84 from EAO offers a modern range of HMI products suitable for a wealth of industrial applications. An extraordinary choice of illumination options makes this series particularly attractive to the mechanical engineering sector. Series 84 represents a versatile combination of functionality and design. With innovative illumination options and IP67 protection, this visually appealing series is also ideal for use in harsh environments.

Multiple illumination options in a single switching element make it possible to display various status messages, thus reducing the panel space needed and avoiding the cost of additional actuators and indicators. The bi-colour illumination for simplified status display enables two status messages to be shown with just one indicator in green, red and green-yellow. Halo illumination (front ring, multi-coloured) is equally simple and intuitive. This ring illumination is particularly suitable for machine operators who require status indication to be straightforward and clearly visible. 

Multi-colour halo illumination has been specially designed for SMD LEDs to provide maximum flexibility in PCB assembly. In addition to the bi-colour LED in the centre, it is possible to display up to eight different colours with a single indicator. The new Halo Compact – the all-in-one solution for pre-configured status indicators – enables up to eight different status messages to be displayed easily, making this multi-functional illuminated switch element suitable for a wide variety of applications.

With its Series 84, EAO offers persuasive advantages for customers:

  • Attractive design and reliable operation
  • IP67 front protection 
  • Powerful, consistent illumination with innovative technologies 
  • Animated illumination options for a wide range of applications 
  • Available with soldered, plug or PCB terminals and flat ribbon cabling

Typical applications for Series 84: 

  • Industrial machinery
  • Measurement and control engineering
  • Conveyor systems
  • Process automation
  • Special-purpose vehicles
  • Ticketing machines
  • Medical equipment 

Attractive lenses and actuators in a variety of colours, front designs and materials additionally underline the contemporary look of Series 84. These top-quality products can be combined with either a 12 VDC or 24 VDC LED. Both versions reliably switch low voltages and currents and have a service life of up to 1 million cycles of operation. Soldered, plug or PCB terminals and flat ribbon cabling are also available.

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