In their daily use, construction machines, cranes and agricultural machinery must withstand harsh and aggressive operating environments. These vehicles need specialised control interfaces, typically a combination of mixed technologies including pushbuttons, membranes, joysticks and stop switches alongside real-time data displays.

Special vehicles regularly need to be modernised and individually adapted – whether it's the steering, control functions, lighting, or safety and emergency functions. At the same time, the demands made of vehicle manufacturers in terms of performance, manoeuvrability and ergonomic operability are growing continuously. EAO products and solutions add significant value to our customers; end product by providing individualised style, design and functionality.

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EAO possesses an excellent reputation in the area of automotive engineering when it comes to the construction and manufacturing of customised HMI Components and Systems. This is not only beneficial for automotive OEMs, other customers gain from our experiences of developing unique control concepts.