Ancillary driver and guard controls

EAO products are the outstanding solution for ancillary driver and guard controls. Train drivers and crew can use them for locking and unlocking doors, turning on lights, or operating communication systems. Our products can be fitted to any location within the train, wherever controls are needed.


EAO's modular plug-and-play components and systems allow for simple and cost-effective retrofitting, making our products and solutions flexible and long lasting.


EAO is a partner to major global manufacturers and operators in the railway and vehicle industries. We are aware of, and meet all guidelines for the interoperability of entire fleets. EAO is involved in the EU "EUDDplus" (European Driver's Desk Advanced Concept Implementation) project. Here, we are providing an important research contribution towards the achievement of modern, cross-borders operability and cross-borders interoperability interconnectivity in the trans-European rail network.

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