Some areas of application for our innovative products and solutions include:

  • Driver and guard control panels
  • Passenger door systems
  • Operation monitoring systems
  • Passenger controls for toilet facilities
  • Emergency call equipment
  • Passenger information systems

EAO’s audible, tactile and visible displays, combined with the bright illumination and the freely-programmable acoustic warning signals, are industry leading. They are reliable, robust and meet the necessary standards and relevant guidelines.

Sound planning. Custom-made user experiences

EAO has long-standing experience in the development and production of HMI Components and Systems for both simple and more complex control modules. With EAO's solutions, vehicles can be operated correctly, safely and on a sustained basis. A whole host of profiles, functions and haptic response characteristics are involved with creating intuitive and distinctive controls. Tailored to the needs of the user, the control surfaces are complemented by various tactile and acoustic feedback features.  

EAO analyzes technical requirements along with the operational environment and the ergonomic and commercial demands. As a result, we produce custom-made, high quality, user-friendly interfaces. Technology and the user work in perfect harmony – we call this the SWISS TOUCH®.

Using our market specific knowledge and high technology development and testing facilities EAO is able to test and qualify its products to meet international standards and gain the necessary product approvals and certificates for the transportation market.

Products & Solutions

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