EAO Ltd - Passenger Interface

The new EAO Ltd passenger interface improves the passenger experience, by providing phone charging, eliminating ‘low battery anxiety’ and enabling passengers to stay connected on their journeys.

With both a table top and a seatback holster version, every seat can be provided with a charging service.

Using the iBeacon location systems train operating companies can monetise their installation through their App’s to provide; journey information, ticket validation, trolley service requests etc.

The innovative passenger interface utilises a novel multi-coil inductive charger certified to the global Qi standard for iOS and Android that can charge any enabled phone wherever it’s charging interface is located – just by placing it in the secure seatback holster. 

Wireless charging eliminates the need for cables and improves the reliability of the system, but the optional USB socket caters for older phones.

Key features

  • Seatback holster, or embedded table top charging unit
  • Qi Inductive technology
  • Compatible with all modern phones through USB socket
  • Can be retrofitted to seats and tables during refurbishment
  • I-Beacon smart positioning for App integration*
  • Rugged, reliable design for rail

Train Operator Benefits

Gives a clear improvement to the passenger experience, with the potential to provide smart ticketing and generate revenue from sponsorship and on board services. Helps drives customer loyalty and analyse passenger behaviour

Table top charger version

Passenger Benefits

Passenger Interface offers convenient charging in each seat position with, or without a USB cable. Access to a charger reduces ‘low battery anxiety’ by providing opportunistic charging whilst securely holding the phone in the seatback. The iBeacon in the charger can integrate the passenger’s phone with the train operator’s app for journey information, ticket validation and trolley services*.

*Subject to app development & cloud based service fees for the operator