Precision Control and Equipment Cooling

EAO Ltd is the principle UK representative for Sanyo Denki.

Originally founded in 1927, Sanyo Denki produces market-leading products. Their SANMOTION stepper motors lead the industry in precision control and their SAN ACE equipment cooling fans are renowned for their reliability.

The SAN ACE range offers a comprehensive choice of dual ball-bearing fans for equipment cooling applications. Whatever your requirements  -high airflow, high static pressure, long life, energy efficiency or environmental sealing - there is a Sanyo Denki product to meet your specification

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The SANMOTION stepper motors and drivers offer precision control with high torque and low vibration. These range from 14mm to 106mm frame size. Including environmentally sealed versions and a range of driver boards and interfacing options.

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EAO Ltd is the design and supply partner for Sanyo Denki products in the UK. We can modify standard products or engineer complete system solutions to meet your specific application needs. 

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