Intuitive Human Interface Solutions

Grayhill is leading US manufacturer of rugged human machine interface components and systems.

Grayhill's world renowned reputation arises from the unrivalled vertical integration of its processes; from in-house design, through to prototyping and manufacturing, and rigorous final testing and qualification. The quality and dependability of Grayhill products is relied upon by users even in life-critical applications throughout the world - from soldiers to surgeons.


CAN-bus Keypads Joysticks and Displays for Vehicles

Illuminated IP67 sealed keypads, displays and joysticks .EAO Ltd is the principal representative for the Grayhill Inc range of vehicle displays, display controllers and illuminated rubberised keypads for use with CAN-bus systems. These products feature IP67 protection, vibration and impact resistance and integrated sealed connectors.

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Instinct Multi-Touch Technology

Grayhill's Instinct touch technology is a system that combines gesture recognition software with a multi-touch interface device to provide an intuitive control solution for OEM equipment. The system allows a user to perform commands for screen navigation, menu selection and image manipulation using the familiar gestures used in smartphone technology.

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Rotary Switches

Available with or without adjustable stop-positions, either in single- or multi-deck versions. Grayhill is the leading manufacturer of single and multi-deck rotary switches with extremely rugged construction and virtually limitless configurations. EAO Ltd can offer many options including solder lug termination, PC termination, isolated positions, spring returns, various angles of throw and body sizes.

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Navcoder Joysticks

Available with 4 and 8 way joysticks, and with rotary encoder and pushbutton functions. Grayhill’s multi-function joysticks are designed to provide directional control. They are available with mechanical switching, optical switching or with proportional Hall Effect switching technologies. 

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Optical Encoders

Grayhill specialises in human interface optical encoders that provide excellent tactile feedback to the user. The greatest advantage of optical encoders is their non-contact switching technology which results in an exceptionally high operational life. Although the end-product may vary, typical applications measure speed, distance and/or rotational angle.

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Customised Solutions for Grayhill Products

EAO Ltd and Grayhill can supply special rotary and optical switch configurations customised with different shaft lengths and widths, bushings, and terminals or, supplied with specific cables and connectors or mounted on PCB assemblies. Can bus keypads  and joystick display controllers can supplied with customised marking colours and illumination.

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