EAO Enhances HMI Systems Capabilities with Custom Sealed Enclosures

Company satisfies customer requirements with targeted, customized solutions

SHELTON, Conn., June 2017 - EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), enhances its HMI Systems capabilities with the availability of custom sealed enclosures. This advancement emphasizes EAO’s ability to satisfy the varied needs of its customers through a solutions-focused development process.

Custom sealed enclosures are offered in intuitive and ergonomic designs with an eclectic variety of customization options including material selection, color, shape and size, sealing capacity, legends and labeling, and more. EAO can produce virtually any type of plug-and-play solution from simple membrane-style keypads to high-complexity interfaces that feature mixed technologies of their award-winning discrete switches, serial communication capabilities, and more.  

EAO’s customer-oriented, five-phase project management enables the company to fulfill every possible functional and ergonomic end-user requirement in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Furthermore, these efforts are met without sacrificing reliability due to certified quality management and international acceptance.

As a global leader, with value-added partners across all markets, EAO has a variety of resources at its disposal and can meet all market- and country- specific standards, while satisfying any necessary certifications and approvals such as IP65/67/69K, ISO 9001 and 14001, and VDE automotive standards. 

Custom sealed enclosures enrich EAO’s already extensive list of unique HMI capabilities including:

  • Integration of mixed-technology solutions
  • Cost-effective, customer-focused project management 
  • Metal, plastic or aluminum materials 
  • Customization options including various color, shapes and sizes
  • Standard, laser engraved or photo metal marking techniques
  • Direct wiring or serial bus communication 
  • RFI/EMI shields

To learn more about custom sealed enclosures, or any of EAO’s other capabilities – please view, or download, the HMI Systems Brochure at eao.com.

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