EAO Series 57. Innovative door opening pushbutton for mounting on glass.

Maximum safety for public transport applications

Innovative Türöffnertaste für die Glas-Montage Innovative Türöffnertaste für die Glas-Montage

Olten, Switzerland, September 2015 – EAO, pioneer in the realm of illuminated pushbuttons and expert partner for innovative, intuitive and reliable Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), once again sets new standards with a glass-mounted door opening pushbutton from its Series 57. This new passenger door switch offers reliability and passenger safety in trains, trams and buses.

Public transport vehicles must be fitted with intuitive and reliable pushbuttons to ensure maximum safety. EAO has now extended its successful Series 57 with the addition of a new pushbutton door opener designed for mounting on glass. Whether mounted on one side or both sides of the glass, Series 57 pushbuttons are the ideal choice for transport applications and the whole range has an attractive and uniform look and feel.

The single side glass-mounted door opener has all the advantages of a front-mounted pushbutton plus the option of installation on glass. The double side door opener has the added benefit that both pushbuttons can be configured independently, which offers the flexibility of controlling the functions of the interior and exterior buttons either parallel or separately.

Persuasive benefits of the Series 57 glass-mounting door opening pushbutton:

  • Fully comply with EN 14752
  • Extra-large operating area (Ø 74 mm)
  • Two unique, independently illuminated feedback rings
  • Raised, illuminated symbols conform to TSI PRM and ADA
  • Integrated finding tone for visually impaired persons
  • Suitable for glass thickness of 4 - 6 mm

Particularly user-friendly features are an extra-large operating area 74 mm in diameter and two independently-illuminated feedback rings, which comply in full with EN 14752 requirements. The raised symbols with optional illumination and the optional acoustic location signal to help visually impaired passengers find the door opener are additional user benefits that underline the unique nature of this all-in-one door opening pushbutton.