EAO Offers Internationally Recognized HMI Components and Systems for Rail Applications

Innovative design capabilities result in reliable, award-winning and globally accepted solutions

SHELTON, Conn., Aug. 2017 – EAO offers intuitive and reliable HMI Components and Systems for the passenger transportation industry. With value-added partners across all markets, EAO possesses the resources to satisfy the certifications, approvals and legally applicable standards necessary for operator controls in driver cabs, passenger access, passenger convenience and lavatory controls within successful rail applications.

EAO’s customer-oriented, five-phase project management process ensures every possible functional and ergonomic end-user requirement is completed in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Additionally, certified quality management combined with international acceptance guarantee these efforts are met without sacrificing ease-of-use and reliability.

Driver cabs are the central focus of operation within rail applications and are essential for the safe and reliable transportation of passengers. Therefore, HMI systems and controls must be dependable and easy-to-use to reduce the risk of human error. EAO’s Series 04 have been developed to withstand the challenging demands of operator controls within driver cabs and can be seamlessly implemented in ergonomically-friendly designs to fulfil UIC 612 guidelines.

Furthermore, products such as the Series 56 and 57 meet TSI PRM & ADA standards, and the new EN 14752, thus ensuring that everyone can travel safely and conveniently – including those with disabilities. These door openers are used in millions of passenger access applications around the world and are often the only point of interaction between passenger and vehicle.

EAO’s comprehensive range of HMI solutions, both with individual components and completely designed systems, satisfy customer requirements while simultaneously increasing passenger convenience. Intuitive operation with interface controls allow operators to work effectively and efficiently, and help ensure a safe and comfortable journey for passengers.

The importance of regulation compliance for impaired mobility also extends to lavatory controls in most modern trains as well. EAO offers special accessory components such as SOS buttons and status indicators for on-board restrooms to meet these needs.

A detailed outline of EAO’s rail capabilities is available in EAO’s HMI Systems brochure available to view or download in the “News and Downloads” section at eao.com.

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