Mar 01. 2018

EAO Offers Handheld Controls

Intuitively rugged designs provide reliable operation of machinery in harsh environments

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Feb 08. 2018

The new EAO Smart Box – Simple, compact and all-purpose.

EAO Smart Box is a simple and customisable “snap-on, plug & play” solution.

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Feb 01. 2018

EAO’s Series 82 Complete Product Selector Designed for Mobile Use

Interactive tool allows easy accessibility and use from your phone or tablet

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Jan 25. 2018

EAO Provides Solutions-Based Approach for KOR Engineering

Delivers full custom HMIS design for harsh environments

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Jan 10. 2018

EAO Expands North American Capabilities with ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Compliance confirms company’s position as an expert partner for HMI Solutions

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Jan 10. 2018

EAO wins the Solothurn Entrepreneur Award 2018

On January 10th, 2018, more than 350 representatives from business, politics and administration watched the presentation of the 21st handover of the Swiss Solothurn Entrepreneur Award in the Landhaus in Solothurn, Switzerland.

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Dec 04. 2017

EAO Series 18 – Tactile, compact and bright.

Excellent, tactile feedback and outstanding illumination.

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Nov 23. 2017

Series 45 palm switches – Intuitive and extra-large.

Thanks to its extra-large operating area, the clearly visible palm switch is ideal for use in harsh environments.

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Nov 03. 2017

NEW – Series 04 dual LED lamp block.

EAO offers an innovative lamp block that integrates two LEDs to provide dual, reliable and safe illumination.

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Oct 31. 2017

EAO Earns Award for Innovative Series 14 Indicator Compact

Company recognized by ECN as a 2017 Impact Award Winner for design excellence

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