The precision, speed and reliability of machinery are the key factors when it comes to efficient processes. Being able to operate machinery reliably is an important prerequisite for safe performance.

The reliable monitoring and control of work processes and the ability to intervene at once in case of emergency are fundamental prerequisites which must be met with electromechanical HMI control units that provide appropriate tactile feedback.

Visual requirements, such as insight into processes, call for flexibility when it comes to controlling machinery. Mobile control devices allow the operator to choose the best position in any given situation, to monitor processes and to give the commands that the machine must carry out.

  • CNC milling, lathing, grinding and boring equipment
  • Cooling and ventilation equipment
  • Food & beverages
  • Industrial lifting and handling automation
  • Packaging systems
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical production and process control
  • Textile production, including equipment for preparing, drying, spinning and weaving
  • Tobacco production and process control
  • Semiconductor and electronics production
  • Plus many further applications
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