EAO Simplifies the Customer Experience with Complete Switches and “Single Part Numbers”

This feature is part of the new, interactive Series 45 Complete Product Selector

SHELTON, Conn., Dec. 2016 - EAO, the expert partner for innovative, intuitive and reliable Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), announces that single part numbers are now available as part of the new, interactive and customer-focused Series 45 complete product selector. 

Building a complete switch no longer requires a selection of individual component pieces. EAO customers now have access to single part numbers for the entire comprehensive line of Series 45 22.5mm and 30.5mm switches - further simplifying the overall customer experience.  Part numbers can be easily configured online via the Complete Product Selector. 

EAO’s Series 45 Complete Product Selector provides 24/7 access to EAO’s Series 45 products. A streamlined, all-inclusive “Omni-channel” approach allows for an interface that is both mobile and desktop friendly, giving customers with immediate and efficient access to a library of complete part numbers and supporting technical resources from anywhere. 

Customers have the option to parametrically search completely configured kits with single part numbers, view product images and dimensional drawings, insert and download 3D files, and ultimately provide guidance to available inventory and outlets for purchase – all within a single, comprehensive and intuitively designed application!

The new Single Part Numbers feature allows the Series 45 Complete Product Selector to enhance the user experience across a variety of machinery sections such as factory automation, food packaging, and lifting and moving equipment.

Key advantages of Series 45 Single Part Numbers and the Complete Product Selector Include:

  • New globally recognized “complete part number” system
  • Guidance toward a dedicated product portfolio
  • Simple and efficient parametric product selection
  • New, interactive 3D viewer
  • Library of online technical resources
  • Immediate access to available inventory 

To learn more about the Single Part Numbers feature, or the Series 45 Complete Product Selector, please visit www.eao.com/45.

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