EAO expands its product range for Machinery market: Series 45.

Series 45 sets new standards in terms of design, robustness, functionality, reliability and safety

Baureihe 45 setzt neue Maßstäbe bei Design, Robustheit, Funktionalität, Zuverlässigkeit und Sicherheit.

Since 1947, the mechanical engineering industry has constituted a key market for EAO and the company’s programme of HMI Products and Systems for this sector has been correspondingly extensive.

Whether for main operator panels, operator devices or handheld control units, the unique range of possible combinations of top-quality products from the various EAO series together with value added services guarantee customers maximum customisation and optimum functionality.

Olten, Switzerland, October 2015 – Reliable, intuitive and flexible – the innovative Series 45 from EAO offers safety in all functions and for every conceivable application in the mechanical engineering sector. EAO has been an expert partner for its customers for more than 60 years and these decades of experience in elaborating engineering solutions have ensured that EAO is one of the best-known developers and manufacturers of industrial HMI Components and Systems and always at the forefront of progress. For EAO’s partners in the mechanical engineering industry, this opens up unique new opportunities in the use of main operator panels, operator devices and handheld control units. EAO has once again proved the market-driven power of its innovation with its Series 45, which sets new standards in terms of design, robustness, functionality, reliability and safety and which forms a perfect complement to the existing palette of EAO products for mechanical engineering applications.

HMI functions and series

Machines perform functions that are initiated by human beings. EAO understands these functions and possesses in-depth knowledge of the processes behind them and the challenges they present for both man and machine. Main operator panels, operator devices and handheld control units for machinery must be able to handle start, stop, reset, selection, control and signal functions, as well as emergency stop and other general control functions. Until now, EAO has met the demands of the market in full with its Series 14, 61, 71, 82 and 84. These aesthetically appealing products with their outstanding design and top-quality materials also provide the potential for attractive illumination and markings, together with numerous other modifications.

Series 45: innovative, comprehensive and modular, while also aesthetic in design and robust in use.
Thanks to its enhanced scope, the newly developed Series 45 can fully meet all the requirements of leading machinery makers around the world today. Series 45 also makes it possible to integrate machine interfaces easily and reliably into communications platforms located at a considerable distance from the central control system. Series 45 from EAO unites an extremely broad range of machine operating functions with outstanding technical features. Penetration by dust and liquids is prevented even under the most adverse conditions. Resistant to aggressive cleaning agents, oils, lyes and other chemical substances, the actuators and indicators in the new series work perfectly each and every time. Even high humidity and extreme fluctuations in temperature have no impact on functionality – even when control units are subjected to dust or water at high pressures (IP69K). Series 45 is therefore ideal for use in the most severe conditions.

Their modular construction also ensures that these HMI Components all operate smoothly with each other. They are straightforward to install and can also be integrated easily into decentralised systems that are capable of performing every conceivable HMI function.

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