Apr 17. 2014

Series 04 - Even more reliable switching, in even colder environments

EAO, the expert partner for human-machine interfaces, announces an important improvement to the operating temperature of the Series 04 industrial switch range.

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Mar 18. 2014

Specialised vehicle HMI – It’s about intuition, location and feel

User interface is an extremely important aspect of any vehicle experience, especially those which have been extensively modified with extras - hydraulic lifting controls, sirens, light bars, central input devices, and security measures.

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Nov 11. 2013

EAO helps simplify operation of heavy-duty vehicles

The typical, heavy-duty vehicle cab is a sophisticated control environment. Operators are immersed in a high-tech arrangement of displays, gauges, knobs, levers and buttons, and they must respond quickly to real-time data.

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Sep 20. 2013

EAO designs new Series 61 flush mounted buzzer

EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces, has developed a new, flush mounted buzzer for use in a range of applications with machinery, panel building, medical equipment, lifting and moving, and more

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Aug 09. 2013

New Multi-Tone Sound Module automatically adjusts to ambient noise

EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces, has developed an intelligent, configurable sound module to alert people to potentially dangerous situations, such as at automatic train doors or pedestrian crossings and lift doors.

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Jun 14. 2013

Strength, style and versatility - the new, improved Series 82

EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces, has improved the Series 82 pushbutton range with a set of design upgrades to give it the edge over other metal pushbuttons.

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Jan 30. 2013

Door control scoops two major design awards

The new Series 57 door-opening pushbutton has won two prestigious international design awards and is a nominated for a raft of others, announces EAO – the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces.

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