State Representative Ben McGorty and CBIA Tour EAO Corporation’s North American Headquarters

Tour highlights CT20x17 initiative; focus on the importance of manufacturing growth and job creation in Connecticut.

State Representative Ben McGorty and CBIA Tour EAO Corporation’s North American Headquarters State Representative Ben McGorty and CBIA Tour EAO Corporation’s North American Headquarters

SHELTON, Conn. (October 30, 2014) – Connecticut State Representative Ben McGorty (R-122) and incoming Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) CEO Joe Brennan recently visited EAO Corporation’s North American headquarters in Shelton, Connecticut. The tour was also a part of the CT20x17 initiative to further grow business and create jobs in Connecticut.

During the meeting, Representative McGorty and Joe Brennan met with company employees and leadership to discuss the importance of creating jobs and strengthening both Connecticut and the United States’ manufacturing industry.“

I’m very pleased that Representative McGorty and Joe Brennan from CBIA took the time to meet with us,” said Lance A. Scott, president, EAO Corporation. “It’s important for our political and business leaders to see first-hand the innovation occurring in our state and country. We made a commitment to keep our North American headquarters in Connecticut to further establish and enhance manufacturing capabilities here in the United States.”

EAO moved its North American headquarters from Milford to Shelton in January 2014. The move was a result of a strategic decision to increase manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. and more than doubles EAO’s engineering and manufacturing capacity. EAO also received funding from the State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development’s Small Business Express program.

Scott added that the assistance from the state helped with the decision to stay in Connecticut. “I receive many calls from other states offering incentives and reasons to move EAO to their state. I am a firm believer in developing business here in Connecticut, but our political leaders need to have a more focused approach to facilitate small business growth in the state.”

“Companies like EAO are setting the example for Connecticut businesses that are helping to grow our economy,” said Representative Ben McGorty. “Not only are they a technology leader developing cutting edge products used throughout North America, but they’re pouring money back into the local economy here in Connecticut by using local vendors and companies.”

“Connecticut has the potential to be one of the best states in the country to grow business and create jobs,” said Joe Brennan from CBIA. “EAO represents everything the CT 20x17 initiative is about – and that’s making Connecticut a top state for business to help strengthen our economy. I applaud their leaders for their efforts and support their vision of making Connecticut a great environment for businessec

EAO Corporation is a manufacturer of Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems and components for the  transportation, machinery, heavy duty and specialty vehicle, medical and automotive industries. EAO has demonstrated expertise in HMI components and has more recently extended its focus to include complex HMI systems that provide the controls for users to operate a machine, system or instrument. Sophisticated HMI systems enable reliable operations of technology in every application and enhance the link between a user and machine.

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