EAO Series 18 – Tactile, compact and bright.

Excellent, tactile feedback and outstanding illumination.

Olten, Switzerland, November 2017 – With Series 18, EAO offers a range of tactile, compact, raised and flush mount actuators and indicators for reliable use in indoor applications.

Typical applications

  • Laboratory and measuring equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Audio & video applications (such as mixing desks and mobile camera control systems)
  • Lighting and stage control systems

The precise tactile action gives positive feedback of the switch operation, whilst the bright red, green or yellow illumination gives clear status indication (other colours like white or blue on request). The plastic lenses are available in round, square and rectangular shapes, as well as in a variety of sizes and colours. The lenses can also be marked with text or symbols.


  • Excellent tactile feedback
  • Outstanding illumination
  • Long service life of up to 2 million switching cycles
  • Gold-plated nickel contacts for low voltages and currents
  • Flush or raised, compact design

Overall, these tactile Series 18 actuators and indicators are ideally suited for reliable use in applications where mounting space is limited and excellent illumination is needed.

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