Sep 08. 2017

EAO Offers Internationally Recognized HMI Components and Systems for Rail Applications

Innovative design capabilities result in reliable, award-winning and globally accepted solutions

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Aug 30. 2017

EAO Offers Expert Insight on Modern HMI Design

Free technical article helps designers meet evolving customer demand.

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Aug 14. 2017

EAO Introduces Innovative Series 82 Complete Product Selector

Fully interactive tool allows for parametric selection to improve customer experience

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Jul 23. 2017

EAO Enhances Series 82 Anti-Vandal Pushbuttons with Bi-Color Illumination

Versatility and style make the product series ideal for a wide range of applications

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Jun 28. 2017

New Series 61 emergency stop switch compact.

EAO offers critical safety controls which are uniquely compact, robust and reliable.

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Jun 26. 2017

EAO Enhances Transportation Safety with Glass-Mounted Pushbuttons

Series 57 Pushbuttons provide an all-in-one door opening solution for public transit systems

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Jun 09. 2017

EAO Enhances HMI Systems Capabilities with Custom Sealed Enclosures

Company satisfies customer requirements with targeted, customized solutions

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May 29. 2017

Sales Achievement Award to Signal Enterprises, Inc.

EAO Presents Sales Achievement Award to Signal Enterprises, Inc. at 2017 EDS Summit

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May 29. 2017

EAO Honors Luscombe Engineering Company

with R.W. Maier Memorial Achievement Award at 2017 EDS Summit

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May 05. 2017

EAO Enhances Operational Safety with Pull-to-Release Actuation Reset

Unique feature available on durable, reliable Series 45 Emergency Stop Switches

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