Aug 18. 2015

EAO Corporation Announces Spanish Website

Website is now available in ten different languages

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Jul 10. 2015

EAO Corporation Announces inTouch #20 Available for Download

Corporate news magazine features insights, case histories and more EAO news

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Jun 05. 2015

EAO Announces Availability of Machinery Design and Industrial Automation Technical Article

Provides expert viewpoint on important tactile, electromechanical controls for safe, reliable, ergonomic HMI strategies

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May 08. 2015

EAO Series 71. Unique PCB mounting system.

Wealth of applications thanks to unique PCB mounting system

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Apr 30. 2015

EAO Machinery – Products and expert's opinion

Please find here the latest Machinery product brochure and technical article 'HMI – Keeping people in mind'

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Apr 07. 2015

Series 84. Halo Compact.

New all-in-one solution for the commonest status indications.

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Mar 20. 2015

EAO optimises its Series 82 for low voltages and currents.

Gold-plated silver contacts make it possible to use the market-leading pushbutton for low-level applications.

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Jan 13. 2015

EAO modifies HMI Components to meet your needs.

When a project demands more than just standard components, EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), can adapt or modify products to meet your exact design brief.

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Nov 14. 2014

EAO Corporation Receives ECIA Marketing Award

EAO received an award for Best Corporate Newsletter for its InTouch #18 corporate news magazine.

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Oct 30. 2014

State Representative Ben McGorty and CBIA Tour EAO Corporation’s North American Headquarters

Tour highlights CT20x17 initiative; focus on the importance of manufacturing growth and job creation in Connecticut.

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