EAO’s Series 57 Conforms to ADA Standards

Innovative components fulfill requirements with raised symbols or illuminated text

SHELTON, Conn., Feb. 2017 - EAO, the expert partner for innovative, intuitive and reliable Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), offers ADA compliant pushbuttons and indicators within their uniquely designed Series 57 products.

EAO Series 57 feature the ability to meet ADA recommended text and legend requirements of advisable fonts, weights, and size ranges of 5/8 - 2 inches in height. Many common configurations are available such as “Door Open,” “Door Close” and “Emergency Call.” Furthermore, EAO’s ability to provide the smallest ADA compliant text (16mm) permits numerous additional indications.

Series 57 pushbuttons can also utilize an integrated finding tone to assist the visually impaired, dual illuminating rings for the hearing impaired, and an extra-large actuating area of 74mm diameter for ease of operation.

These innovative, user-friendly pushbuttons effectively combine design and functionality to satisfy the unique needs of both interior and exterior, public building and transportation applications. 

Key advantages of the Series 57 Pushbuttons Include:

  • Extra-large, user-friendly operating area
  • “All-in-one” optical, tactile and acoustic feedback
  • Raised, illuminated symbols conform to TSI PRM & ADA
  • Integrated finding tones for the visually impaired
  • Two unique, independently illuminated feedback rings
  • Easy mounting

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