EAO manufactures one of the world’s largest ranges of HMI products. With decades of experience, we have the knowledge and the skill to satisfy any application or product requirement.

As an expert in mixed technology solutions, EAO develops impressive, customized HMI Systems that feature innovative technology, intuitive operation and reliability.

EAO's control and indicator elements for manufacturers and subcontractors in the automotive industry stand out thanks to their innovative and reliable technology in combination with customer-specific functionality.

A variety of mounting depths, design and combination options make our products hugely versatile. But what makes every EAO component really stand out are the cutting-edge materials, innovative technologies, and complete user-friendliness.

Online Product Configurator

With just a few short steps and using a series of selection menus, our online product configurator allows you to quickly and conveniently configure exactly the right HMI product to match your application.