EAO helps simplify operation of heavy-duty vehicles

The typical, heavy-duty vehicle cab is a sophisticated control environment. Operators are immersed in a high-tech arrangement of displays, gauges, knobs, levers and buttons, and they must respond quickly to real-time data.

EAO ermöglicht das einfache Bedienen von schweren Nutzfahrzeugen EAO ermöglicht das einfache Bedienen von schweren Nutzfahrzeugen

It's clear that effective ergonomic designs can dramatically enhance the operator experience and ultimately increase end-user efficiencies. The challenge of today’s designers is to improve ergonomics by identifying the needs of vehicle operators and to align with next-generation products that strike a balance between technical and practical requirements, costs and lifecycle. Through the correct mix Human Machine Interface (HMI) devices that can include touch screens, tactile switch panels, positioning devices and safety functions, it's possible to create unique, comfortable, intuitive, safe, and aesthetically pleasing cab environments that are ready to meet all types of application requirements.
As an experienced designer of innovative, reliable and intuitive controls, EAO, the expert partner for HMI, supports OEMs to develop modern driver cabs that not only help simplify operation and communication, but look superb.

EAO offers a range of HMI system design and manufacturing services alongside a broad selection of high-quality HMI components, including: 

  • Custom-built, rugged operator controls with unique lighting techniques.
  • Rubberized, programmable keypads with CAN interfaces.
  • Integration of touch screens and displays.
  • Discrete switches with custom labeling capabilities.

EAO brings a strong pedigree to the heavy-duty market. It has a strong reputation within the automotive sector for custom designing and manufacturing tailor-made dashboard controls, operator interfaces and discrete switches used in instrument clusters, gearshift controls, parking, seatbelt and safety controls, and various other HMI systems and components.

This is not just something that automotive customers can benefit from, but rather a skill in designing controls based around intuition, location and feel. This knowledge and understanding can be leveraged to the benefit of heavy-duty customers through:   

  • Expertise in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).
  • Panel design that meets strict standards for functionality, quality, look and feel, and which also enhances the customer brand.
  • Decades of experience designing tough, rugged controls for harsh operating environments.  
  • Cost-efficient development and production of customer specific HMIs, even for low volumes.
  • Implementation of network protocols including CAN, J1939, ISOBUS, LIN BUS, etc.
  • Compliance to industry standard specifications for shock and vibration.
  • Reliable supply-chain management.

For more information about EAO products and service, please contact your local subsidiary.