EAO Offers Expert Insight on Modern HMI Design

Free technical article helps designers meet evolving customer demand.

SHELTON, Conn., Aug. 2017 – Unlike the past, Human Machine Interface (HMI) is now considered a critical element of the design process. To help HMI engineers satisfy complex and eclectic operator demands, EAO offers a free technical article featuring expert insight for developing safe, reliable and ergonomic HMI. 

As the core control between man and machine, HMI is vital to the efficient operation and monitoring of essential processes. Improper design can adversely affect productivity and ultimately increase the risk of occupational hazards. Today’s advanced HMI components are precisely crafted devices made to exacting specifications that must be engineered like a fine watch and operate reliably in even the most adverse conditions. 

This detailed technical article discusses new HMI components, mixed technology solutions and important industry standards. Furthermore, EAO highlights the considerable changes HMI has experienced in recent years and explains how to adapt and meet these increasing demands of the mechanical engineering industry. This HMI design technical article is available to view or download for free in the “News and Downloads” section of eao.com/downloads.

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