Apr 24. 2019

Kyle Stetar Named Director of Sales

Eastern North America for EAO

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Apr 23. 2019

Customer Magazine – inTouch North America

EAO Machinery – Precise. Efficient and safe.

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Apr 15. 2019

EAO’s Comprehensive HMI Systems and Components Capabilities

Satisfy the demanding requirements of machinery and industrial automation applications

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Apr 02. 2019

EAO Announces its New Complete Catalog of HMI Systems and Components

Catalog features full details, diagrams and high-quality images of their comprehensive product line

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Feb 27. 2019

Series 45 pushbuttons.

Long lasting, attractive and rugged.

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Feb 25. 2019

EAO expands Series 84

with Custom Options and Value Added Services

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Feb 12. 2019

EAO Offers Environmental Sustainability with Green Touch Policy

Company is committed to environmental-friendly management of products and sites

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Jan 31. 2019

Space Saving Switches for Cutting Edge Control Panels

For high-tech operator controls

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Jan 28. 2019

EAO Offers International ISO Compliance

Conformity provides global consistency

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Jan 11. 2019

Craig Zagorski Named Director of Sales

Central North America for EAO

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